A fresh start of 2014 :)

Bismillah, a fresh start 0f 2014, 1435H  :)

Belum terlambat rasanya untuk wish Happy New Year , Hi 2014.
Tanpa disedari dah menjangkau masuk 2014.
Umur makin meningkat.
Kematian kian mendekat .
Amal perlu dipertingkat.
Hubungan HablumminaAllah perlu diperdekat. Allahuma Amin.
Moga dgn meningkatnya umur, maka amalan juga akan selari bersamanya :)

A short review of last 2013 .
Alhamdulillah , finally successfully completed another 2 semesters here, uum .
Alhamdulillah, Allah protecting my family, relatives and friend.
SubhanaAllah, Allah grant me many friends that made my day count more meaningful .
Alhamdulillah, He gave me the opportunities to reach out a human being that need more attention out there.
Alhamdulillah for the countless blessing of Allah that will never fail at all. I never be able to count them.
Alhamdulillah for the new endless ukhwah , InsyaAllah.
Thanks Allah for this countless favor .

and for this 2014,
Sorry for any mistake or wrong doing somehow to all.
May Allah Ease the upcoming semester.
May Allah remain the good and get rid the bad ones.
May Allah strengthen our raternity.
May Allah protect and give blessing to Dad Mum and family.
May Allah grant us with further opportunities to be with them.
May Allah grant me and friends an excellent result. Amin :)

Suprise me.
Give me a challenges.
Change me to be better.
Make me more cheer.
Let me meet good people.
May Allah Bless me.