the new of US :) biiznillah~

well now..assalamualaikum guys girls :)ni hao ma?alhamdulillah wo hen again dalam entry sy kali ini..just little short entry from me but insyaAllah will give us something as well.hope so :)

i'm very sure many of us keep to count the days to enter 2013 as well.Yet, it just 61 days *plus minus* more.Surely everyone will set new aim,new intention and new aspirations.
but are we realized that awal muharam will visit us soon?yes,another 14 days.
Lets make the new of us :) . leave the mazmumah and bring it out the mahmudah.upgrade the Iman,fight our nafs and be a good muslim + muslimah


stopped  and remembered all the tribulations.all the trials Allah brought me to.I began to realize tribulations that i were going through make me to come closer to Him but yet i still guess that i'm lonely.Why?i do something but i forgot whenever or whatever that happen it all from Him.Sometimes forgot to Him but alhamdulillah  easily realize it.Allah, i tried to hide my tears.
Did i worthy for Jannah?

See people surrounding me.They always happy analyzed as there is no problem.Always think outside the box.If i like this...if i like that..if i..if i..the question left without any answer.Yet, i try to see the orphaned children who had no family, the people who sick and those fighting for their lives,the Muslims who were being killed in places like Syria,the poor and hungry human being and i  see myself.Allahurabbi.made me grateful for what i have.I was not able to help them but i can pray for them.for their safety.for their well-being.Allah please protect them under Your mercy Allahurabbi :(

I was reminded of how much Allah had blessed me with-health,family,friends,freedom-i'm grateful.Alhamdullilah

Dear brothers and sisters in islam, join me to reflect over and make the intention to built it up the new of us, biiznillah.May Allah accept my ibadah and so will He accepts yours :)InsyaAllah.Wallahualam.



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